Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

Buy me these please, dear kind-hearted people!

 You can take the woman. I only need the hat. Seriously.

Bagi yang mau nambah pahala, yuk beliin gue salah satu barang di atas. Semuanya juga boleh :) Wassalam.

Chun Jung Myung (again)

 goodbye solo scene

In Olympus Ad. He acted as a nerd. Still cute :3
As ki hoon in CSS, i guess. such a great grin, eh?

i laugh out loud everytime i look at this.
don't know why.

Hulahop there ~ Bored to see my posting about CJM? Who the hell cares.
Anyway, now he is busy of making a new drama in china. Next drama should be in Indonesia ya, dear husband (CJM) ☺

Ah! Actually why i suddenly post about CJM is because I recently saw someone's tweet and he/she (i forgot the gender) told that somehow CJM is similar with @muhadkly! What the! WHAT-THE!!! Щ(ºДºщ) No! BIG NO!!! Totally different!  CJM IS COOLER!!! AAA! #jeritanfans

That's all for the mumbling. I wanna reply that tweet actually, yet that's an old tweet so i thought it's kinda too late to debate. Huf.

Hem. In his new drama, he has bangs in his hair by the way. A lilbit dissapointed. I still think his best look is when he has no bangs, like the 4th and the last pictures.

Fyi, my fav boy's hair: simple short black hair without bangs. Looks cooler :3

Yet, sometimes, simple short black hair with bangs is good too, like my brother :p ahahaha the point is, SHORT HAIR is the best for man. LONG HAIR is a big no no, dude. (Kenapa jadi curhat? -_-)

Let's end this useless posting.
That's all and thankyou for the attention. Have a nice day, you all! And CJM! :)

P.S. highly hope CJM would change his twitter's name (Jason Chun) someday. Change it back to 'Jung Myung Chun' please :S 'Jason Chun' still sounds a lilbit lame :B