Rabu, 26 Oktober 2016

Craving for the legality

Well, hi you there. It's me again. I'm back.

Today, my recent interest in movies has brought me to explore netflix. I'm sure most of you already aware about the existence of netflix in Indonesia this year. As I ever heard, this netflix is truly awesome so I'm quite curious about it. So I went to that site to have myself get nothing lol. No, it is not because the site is a mess. It is just because I don't have the thing I need to own to register myself on that site. Just call it, credit card. I tried to browse on google if I have any other options than credit card. Well, I surprisingly have another options! They said, if we didn't have credit card, we still can work it out by using two ways. First, using a virtual credit card (VCC). It is very easy, you can just order it to any Bank in Indonesia who provide this service. Great! Unfortunately, I don't have any energy to sort out that things, but still, thank you for the advice. Next! Second (and the last), just using the perfect itunes gift card! Voila! I genuinely want to try this choice, yet I just don't understand why my samsung gadget didn't want to cooperate very well. That's lame. So, yeah, I can't do any of those two options, sadly.

Please don't throw any bricks on my face. It'd be hurt. lol.

While I have nothing to do anymore with netflix, I suddenly remembered my friend's post about google film. I tried to look up to that post again and then decided to finally use google film. Fyi, I ever left a comment there saying I'd love to try that google film, yet the ugly truth was I never really try it until today hahaha. Such a big mouth I have here, huh? /slapmyself

The good thing is the method of payment is very simple. I can use my telkomsel account to pay the movie (I don't know whether the other provider also have this kind of service or not, sorry). It's awesome! Still, wise people said that good and bad things are like coins where both of them are in the same body, yet in different side. So, when there is a good, there is a bad. The not good thing is the google film has limited stock of movies. I'm not surprised, actually.

To be frank, the ultimate reason why I pay attention to netflix or google film or whatsoever out of the blue is.. The Boy (2016). Yessssssss. My friend said that The Boy was a good movie which I'd probably love to watch. And yeah, I ever watched its trailer and I was quite interested in it. However, because of the financial problem at that time, I decided to ignore my desire to watch that movie wkwkwk.

Now, I'm so eager to watch it, and in one condition : I want it to be legal. I want to watch a movie legally. I absolutely can't do it in cinema because it has passed months ago.  That's why I went to those two sites. Apparently, the google film hasn't owned the movie I want. I also checked out now you see me (2) and finding dory. The results were the same with The Boy. Well, I could wait.. I'm the expert of waiting, after all *giggle* 

So, for today, I rent out the gone girl movie. The trailer was tempting, for real. I checked out the imdb and the score was 8.1 out of 10. I should say wow, shouldn't I. In addition, I felt like I heard this title so many times, so I gave it a try. This movie was great, and....................... this is the same movie that has been told by my friends over and over, in detail. LOL! No wonder why I felt like I ever heard the title. Hahahaha. Yet, it is okay. It still feels great, watching this movie. Even though I knew the ending, the whole story still gave me the goose bumps, luckily.

Oh that picture above was a notification from google play for my transaction. It was not a tax free, anyway. I got charged for Rp 21,280 in real. Based on what the operator said, those are for tax and service fee. I'm okay with it. It's pretty cool. You can have your movie in simple step, what would have been better?

Nice and fun steps :
1. Go to google play store and search for a movie
2. If your lists are not there, don't be upset. God surely have a better plan for you, dear
3. Go explore another movies based on the genre you like
4. Already set your eyes on particular movie? Good. Now you only need to decide whether you want to rent or buy the movie. The rental costs are between Rp 19,000 - 29,000 while you need more than Rp 100,000 to buy the movie.
5. Choose the quality of the movie. There are two types : HD and SD (I went for SD absolutely hahaha)
6. Choose the payment method. Fyi, at first, I tried it using my laptop and I didn't have any option to pay the fee with my telkomsel account (of course you can't, idiot). So from that case, I realized my mistake and I tried to do the transaction using my mobile phone. Magically, it worked! Voila! Finally the "bill my telkomsel account" option showed up! If you are new, you'll be asked about your full name, address and (of course) your phone number. It didn't take much energy and time.
7. Enjoy the movie and don't forget to bring snack

This activity actually brings back memory to the time where we can easily found out a DVD rental in our hometown. Having a little party in your room with your group, snacks, gossips and a stock of rented DVD. That was good old time, for sure.

Anyway, if do any of you know any info about the site or even a shop which rents and sells the indonesian movie (legally), please kindly share it to me. I'd appreciate your good doing..

That's all for now. Please enjoy your own fun life, buddy! Cheers!

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