Jumat, 26 Agustus 2016

Sketch of stranger

That picture above was supposed to be a sketch of chun jung myung in reset drama. Yet, it turned out to be a total stranger. lol. At least, i've tried my best *sigh

I copied from this picture carefully. Unfortunately,  the universe didn't want to cooperate with me. At first, i wanna give him my drawing as birthday gift on November. And now.......... it seems like i have to change my plan. Wkwkwk #romancestrategy #failed

Anyway, the sketch book is sponsored by Mima Uasha Febrianti, STP.  I really cherish the book wholeheartedly! Kamsahamnida! *bow

Here, i give you guys an exclusive photo of me, chun jung myung and his nephew. HAHAHA. Love you, world :*

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