Sabtu, 30 April 2016

Terra zone

Hi! I will let you to take a peek to (one of) my oasis : Terra zone. Check them out, fellas! 

1. Karaoke room

This is one of my favorite room. It consists of one comfortable red couch, one LCD, two speakers, two mics and carpet. Other people always look at us strangely whenever they happen to walk around the karaoke room. Why? Because we (me and maria) choose to abandon the comfy couch for the average carpet. Yey. All hail to sitting on the floor~ We humbly let our bags feel that couch, they deserve it more than us.

Actually, at first, it was kind of difficult for me to sing together with maria. It was due to our different taste of music. While Maria really enjoys every song which sounds like a lullaby (for me), I'm madly in love with any noisy song. Yet, we try to understand each other and learn to get out of our comfort zone. I try my best to keep up with those disney sound tracks, Jason Mraz,  Michael bubble and any other (once again) 'lullaby' songs. On the other hand, Maria shall patiently follow my random taste of music. Wkwk.

Anyway, it costs around 3200 - 3500 per song (if i'm not mistaken). Try and enjoy!

2. Car racing

I only played it once or twice actually. It was like any other racing game. Not bad and quite good to kill the time when waiting for the turn to play other games.

3. Hockey

I do like this game! Wait, let me clarify one thing : I don't simply like this game just because of the penguin icons. Okay. It is good if you understand. Let's continue~ It is a simple yet very fun game! Just try this game by yourself, I ensure that you will share some laughter with your partner while playing this. Quite refreshing! 

4. (just call it) Zombie game

This game always succesfully attract my attention. This zombie game is quite entertaining. We shoot that, we shoot this, and sometimes we will be at the wheel. I actually put interested in any shooting game, so I kind of like this. I don't play it often, yet I just love to see anyone playing this stuff.

5. Klobber robber

It really suits for those who wanna release anger. Hahaha. Just hit every thiefs there, buddies!

6. Street basketball

This is the very first game I like since I came to Terra zone. I usually play this basketball with every random thoughts flying around inside my brain. I could say that street basketball is suitable for those who want to play safe. By playing it, you can look cool and have lots of fun at the same time.

7. Dino time

I knew that I only have tiny chance to luckily get high point. Yet, I always have my way to waste my credit to this hopeless game wkwk Well, just me being me.

8. Little speedy 

Truthfully speaking, I never play this, alone. I always ask another friend to help me out. Wkwkwk. This machine produce lots of ticket! Even though i never use the ticket, I do like the moment when the tickets get out of the machine.  

9. Aladdin's treasure

My another escape plan to waste the credit wkwk dear prince, please pick any doll for me. Just one is more than enough. Please.

10. Pump it up

Drum roll, please! Here is my holy and lovely machine. If i may exaggerate this game, this dance floor is my gravity in Terra zone. I usually call this game as DDR (dance dance revolution). It is kinda hilarious to call it DDR, remembering the real name of this machine is PIU. The reason is, the first similar machine which had been known was DDR, so we sometimes generally call any dance machine with DDR. That was what I thought. Yet, in fact, the other advanced players call the machine with PIU. And they call themselves as Pumper. Sounds cool, huh? 

I'm just an average player, truthfully. Yet, I (extremely) enjoy this game, even if I got F for my performance. Wkwk.

11. Massage machine

Nah, this is it! I've just tried this tempting machine today. And i was like "I PROMISE I WILL ALWAYS USE THIS MACHINE FROM NOW ON!". It costs 10.000 actually. I knew the nominal may sounds pretty expensive, but I guarantee you, you won't regret it. Your body really need to meet up with this outstanding machine. Feel the joy and get ready to be refreshed!

12. Human being

Very charming and lovable human being wkwk Well, my face look like an egg in this photo. Whatever. It is okay because Maria choose this photo to be uploaded.  Ah this last one is not to be played ya, we are only for those who are serious hahaha.

That's all for my oasis. See ya in another blissful day!

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