Minggu, 10 April 2016

3 men

 1. Chun Jung Myung

 2. Park Yoochun

3. Song Joong-ki

Hellow! Well, today, I'm in a good mood to post somethin cheesy. This time I'll share you 3 korean actors who can capture my eyes more than any other actors can.

1. Chun Jung Myung

For the first person (CJM), I guess i don't need to tell you much. I already have many posts tributed to him here. Actually, i kinda feel guilty because i share my heart now to two other actors. Yet, no matter how much I admire the other actors, Cijimi will always be the first #faithful. Some of his works that I've watched are The Aggressives, Les Formidables, Hansel and Gretel, Queen of The Night,  Fashion 70's, Cinderella Step Sister, Glory Jane and Heart to heart.

If i need to speak truthfully, the story plot of his previous movies and dramas (that I've watched) have nothing special on it. In other words, the plot are just so-so. Yet, I do love his acting. So what i'm gonna say is, unfortunately, he never get a really outstanding script from the beginning, so maybe that is why not many people know him and his works. Well, you can say that it is a (very) subjective opinion :p

Between those of his works, I will choose Cinderella step sister as my favorite (and eternal love) drama and Glory Jane as drama with the best story plot.You have to watch glory jane, it is a really good movie and it has its own complexity. I love the plot and how smooth it goes on. What I hate from this movie is... the actresses. Hahahaha! I thought, her emotion couldn't match up with Cijimi. That's all.

The more important thing is I love you CJM. Wk.

2. Park Yoochun

Thanks to Rooftop prince, I'm starting my debut to do cheatin. Haft. He really resembles Chun Jung Myung (in my point of view)! I've just watched few of his works and they are Rooftop prince, sensory couple and 3 days. All of them are worth to get a big applause. You will surely not waste your time to watch them. Yes, all of them. Haha. Those three dramas are really something. I'm curious about whether his another works are all as stunning as these three or not. His acting is also killing. Love!

Honestly, I've just known his name when I finished his third drama (3 days). At the beginning, i'm just too lazy to search his name hahaha. What makes me surprise is he is a singer! To make it more surprising, he was a member of TVXQ and JYJ! Wew! Super wew... Don't take my personal opinion seriously, yet I don't really like seeing a bunch of boys dancing, singing and trying to look sexy together. It's scary. Yet, if the boys are my type, I perhaps can compromise a bit wkwkwk.

3. Song Joong-ki

This one actually really contrasts with my usual male type. He is that cute-lovely-sweet and cheerful boy type (judging from his face). Yet, when it comes to acting, he really looks gentle! Ultra cool! Some of his works I've watched are nice guy, werewolf man and descendants of the sun (currently watching). All of his works that I've watched put him to play a gentle and attractive role. Maybe that is the reason why I remember him as a very cool and manly one, even though actually he has that cute typical face. I already fall for him since I watched the nice guy and werewolf man. When I heard that he has a newest TV series (which is DOTS), I'm extremely excited! And well, everyone I knew is currently crazy about this drama now. Big boss is everywhere~ Haha.


Ohiya, beberapa periode ke belakang, sepertinya tren film korea lagi berubah ke genre action, thriller atau misteri ya. Lagi banyak film yang penuh teka-teki di masa lalu gitu. Kalau dulu lagi ramai-ramainya membungkus naskah romantis, sekarang yang lagi terkenal sepertinya yang isinya penuh pencerdasan atau kejutan. Suka, suka, suka! Oh! Cijimi juga akan rilis drama baru tanggal 20 April 2016! Genre nya serupa lah, misteri begitu, tentang kisah balas dendam. Mungkin akan mengorek kisah masa lalu juga, seperti drama-drama lain yang lagi in. Semoga aja drama nya Cijimi yang kali ini punya plot yang fresh, baru, keren dan mampu membuat gue betah begadang nonton semalaman. Aku tetap paling suka Chun Jung Myung. Poreper! :p

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