Minggu, 06 Maret 2016


Hey, world! I'm so glad to announce you my new favorite app : Freeletics! The wonderful meeting between me and freeletics was a bit dramatic. It was all started when i yelled out loud, realizing that my weight has raised. NO! PLEASE DON'T BUILD A FAT KINGDOM HERE, HEY BODY!

My very lovely bro (aniki) then ask me "What's the matter sis?". I replied "I'm sick of this weight of mine. It is getting bigger!". Without waiting for his reply, i added "I really wanna be rich as soon as possible! Then, i can buy that thread mill and put it as my coolest decoration in my room." He suddenly reacted like "NO, HELL NO! Cut that crap sis. You don't need that thread mill". I was a bit surprised back then, I thought he was going to scold me and order me to do jogging frequently - like any people do.  His next answer surprised me the most "What you need now is... freeletics". He said that with the eyes full of confidence and peacefulness. I could even see the holy circle above his head, out of the blue. I was like "Wow, what is that? Show me that freeletics, Doraemon"

And... Tada~ Freeletics is a very fascinating application! Thanks, google play store. Thanks, the creator. It is about the tutorial for those who want to do exercise properly. It has some stages, depend on your current condition. For example, me, I told the freeletics that i'm not in a very fit condition and i want to get toned as a result of my (long) exercise. After examining my answer, this freeletics app conclude that i should start the exercise from the very basic technique. This stage is called 'athena' anyway. Such a very hilarious name.  My first workout consisted of three movement, which are mountain climbers, crunches and HH squats. I was like giving birth when doing the crunches. It was the truly nightmare among the three. And my brother just smiled wisely when seeing the pathetic of me, struggling to move my own body. "Relax, everyone is like you at the first, sis. Me either". I took a hard breath, a very hard breath. I felt it was really tormenting, yet also challenging and delighting at the same time.  I laughed, in the middle of my struggling time. 

My bro suddenly gimme a long speech "See? This is not as easy as we watched in the tutorial video, rite? These are what those athletes always face. They experienced a hell exercise. They might want to escape for many times, yet they keep on fight for themselves. This goes the same for those people who do exercise in gym. They're all struggling. While the others are putting an effort to have a better healthy body, the fat girls keep on mocking them by saying 'Blah! Those men in the gym were all gay!' and also keep on eating their favorite chips in the couch. They never knew how hard the exercise is and never want to change"

Hearing the 'eating their favorite chip' keyword, I suddenly interrupted his impassioned speech "Wait.. bro, did you talk about me? I feel offended, somehow". He looked at me first, then laughed so hard at the end. "No sis, it is not about you hahaha". 

In simply, thank you for my super beloved aniki for introducing me to this app. Quite amusing, so far. I highly hope me and freeletics can be a very good friend, now and forever (until i get a tempting body shape like any indian actresses wkwkwk). Kidding. I just wanna be fit. That's all.

Nah, this is the end of my emotional posting. I'm so glad actually for getting this app. Finally i found my way to do a proper exercise without getting out of my room hahaha. Cheers for everybody who wants to change to be a better person! Cheeeeerrssss~~~

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Nadia Azka mengatakan...

where is your big bro's photo?!?!?!?! that's the most important part.

Dimas Prasetyo Muharam mengatakan...

numpang ketawa aja ah. hahaha. anyway, good writing then :)