Jumat, 22 Januari 2016

Dear you

"I'm not that romantic
Even word seem sarcastic sometimes
And now it's time i'll tell you this
What's always been my only wish

Even though i'm not spider man or superman
I'll be the one who guarantee you
Night and day and trust me
I don't need no spider web or a laser eyes
Cause you're giving me the strength to say
Share your life and be my wife"

said you.

(Tangga - be my wife)


I'm currently in love with those lyrics above. Kind of a bit sad when i know the fact that this song is already in this galaxy since years ago and i've just listened to it now. Where on earth am i for the whole time being?! 


Till the day I can be a grown-up lady who deserves to be your one and only home, or the day we have to share our ego and insight and even debate about what decoration we need in our little yet lovable house, or the day we become a sudden teacher for our junior, let each of us be a good learner. A very good learner. Take your time and enjoy your challenging journey by yourself, while I'm gonna spread my wings and witness every wonderful phenomena in this universe by my own eyes. 

No matter where you go, remember, if we're really meant to be and if it is what God wants, absolutely,  i'll still be your future home, no matter what.

Sekali-kali begini ngga apa-apa lah ya. Ngga dosa kan. Hahaha. Bukan buat siapa-siapa kok. Beneran.

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