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Nope. I'm not gonna promote any brand of healer tools or somethin similar here. It is about korean drama. The title is Healer. How about its plot of story? Oh come on, it will be no use for having a google in this universe if i shall tell you about its synopsis by myself.  

Nah, i want to give applause and big appreciation to those people who have already gave their best shot to this drama. I always admire all the people in the backstage, really. They must be a hard thinker. Yeah, they really need to dig their brain out as deep as they can  to get the fresh and novel idea for their next project, don't they. We're so proud of ya all. Thanks for everything :)

Nah, what i wanna say right now is, I wonder... why can't I be mesmerized by Ji Chang Wook's charm just like other people (girls) do?

Ah, that Ji Chang Wook has a quite good face actually. Yet, not good enough to be remembered for a long time. Perhaps, the problem is his role in this drama. His Bong Soo's character ruin his Jung Hoo's character, i guess.  That's why i find it hard to see him as a cool and appealing person.

I've just watched this drama last night and finished it in the day. I can't say that i didn't skip some parts of this drama, yet... i'm  pretty sure that i watched all the important parts, from the start until the end. So, i think i have the right  to say : I'm not really into this drama.

The important (one and only) value that i got from this drama is : Women are strong and dangerous.

That's all. Hahahahaha.

I mean, hey.............. a man could betray his buddies, told lies for the rest of his life, became an evil's slave and turned everything into chaos just to... make his beloved become his wife. Not to forget, that man even threw away this woman's daughter and claimed that the child has passed away. Yeah, it was all just to make sure that this woman can completely forget about his deceased husband and any other things which relate to him. Nah, whatever. This drama also showed how woman could screw up the life of  politican. Hehe. A common case ya. The fact that a good guy can become a bad guy -once there is a chance- because of woman, really gives me a chill.

That also works on Ji Chang Wook's role or just call him Jung-hoo. He really was super cool in the beginning. Yet, he lost his coolness in the end. He acted like a wild animal without thinking. Why? Because he'll do anything to protect his lovely girl. Uuuuu :3

Ah ya.. I dont think that the detective's role in this drama is necessary. He didn't do any useful thing, in my point of view.  This drama told (at first) that the healer is his old rival. So, I thought he is going to come up with some tricks to catch the Healer (Jung Hoo) then it will burn up the story. Unfortunately, he did nothing. Well, he took part in the ending session, but no more than that. And what makes me impress is.. this detective unexpectedly had an affair with jung hoo's partner - seems like it is an unrequited love for the detective. Nah nah nah. How small the world is.

Money. Power. Woman. Use them wisely, dude. Or else, they're going to escort you to the cliff.

That's all for the value session of this drama.

And here is another value after watching this drama : Don't ever ever EVER expect too high

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