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A Werewolf Boy

Recently, i become a cry baby. Idk why. It's just too easy to cry at everything. As the time goes by, my woman's side finally comes up, perhaps. The weakling side *munch*

A werewolf boy.

At first, I was interested in this movie because Song Joong Ki play a role as the male leader here. He played great in 'nice guy' drama, so i thought it wouldn't be a waste to try his other movie.

And......... Yeah, truly not a waste. I'm the one that is the waste here. The tears just couldn't be stopped. How shameful *sob*


This story is about a relationship between a werewolf  boy (Cheol Soo) and a girl named Soon-Eee. Cheol Soo was a neglected-unidentified boy who unexpectedly lived secretly in the Soon-Eee's new house. He couldn't talk and acted like a wild dog. At first, Soon-Eee did hate him. Yet, he always did good and even saved Soon-Eee from the bad guy. Then she changed her mind and tried to train him to be a good boy. Well, she learned the way to tame Cheol Soo from a book titled "Pet Dog Encyclopedia". Pfff. What a wise choice. 

A harmonious life has been created. Cheol Soo and Soon-Eee get along very well. Cheol Soo always did whatever Soon-Eee said. Whenever he obey her command, Soon- Eee would pat his head gently. She teached him how to wait (he can't wait for anything before - especially for eating case. yeah like a wild animal), tied up the shoelaces, brushed teeth, or even how to write.  In simply, no problem in their life. A peaceful one... Till the bad guy came again. The bad guy (I forgot the name) tried to provoke the people to get Cheol Soo away from the house because he was dangerous. "That boy was an evil!" that bad guy said. 

There were only the bad guy and Soon-Eee that knew the secret of Cheol Soo. The secret was : Cheol Soo was a werewolf! Yet, Soon-Eee absoultely hide the truth. Ah fyi, the first time Cheol Soo turned into Werewolf's mode was when the bad guy tried to seduce Soon-Eee at midnight. The hero would never calmed down in such a situation, anyway. Wush! Grawwwwr.


"Cheol Soo, here is the book given by my deceased dad. I never read it, and i won't. I'd let you to read it for me. Till the time comes, i won't read it by myself. So, hurry up. Learn how to read and talk properly. I'm going to pat you a hundred times if you could do that. It is a command"  Soon-Eee smiled.

That was one of her conversation to the Cheol Soo who was being isolated because he was under investigation of the country people (Thanks to the bad guy's provocation). The country people wanted to know whether Cheol Soo was a good or bad guy. They even put a CCTV to his isolation room. After some days, all people didn't see any suspicious act from Cheol Soo, so everybody believed that he was a good boy. The bad guy wouldn't accept the result easily. The chaos started.

At the end, the bad guy died. He was killed by Cheol Soo because the bad guy attacked Soon-Eee. Everyone saw that moment, when Cheol Soo turned into a werewolf and smashed down the bad guy. Right after that, Cheol Soo ran away with Soon-Eee. 

Cheol Soo was in danger if he was always with Soon-Eee. The country people would have soon caught up Cheol Soo and killed him. Soon-Eee definitely didn't want that to be happened. That's why... They were supposed to be separated. Forever. She left him. 

After all that have happened, Soon-Eee and her family moved out. The life must go on, for Soon-Eee...

but not for Cheol Soo.


Time surely went fast in reality. Yet not in heart. The time were just stopped. For those two.

Forty-seven years later, Soon-Eee came back to that house with her grandchild. She was about making a deal to sell the house with someone there. At the snowy night, she went to the isolation room where Cheol Soo was once there. She opened up the door, and......

He was there! Cheol Soo was there! He was sitting peacefully. Waiting for her comeback patiently.

She was shocked. Terribly shocked.

"Did you... wait for me? ..... This long?" she asked.

He nodded. Slowly he moved his head closer to her. A sign from him that he wanted to be patted. The old Soon-Eee cried out loud and patted him.  Cheol Soo gave her a memorable guitar which has been repaired. Fyi, Soon-Eee ever played the guitar, yet it was broken because of the bad guy. The cry scene never end. Brace yourself.

She huged him...

"I'm sorry Cheol Soo. Why did you wait? I'm sorry. I already did what i want. I ate what i want to. I wore what i want to. I even already married another guy and raised my children. I lived that way. I'm sorry"

She continued

"I'm already old now, my hair even became gray..."

In the middle of Soon-Eee's monologue, suddenly Cheol Soo talked...

"No.  You're still the same... Also your hand, mouth, and eyes. Even now, you're still beautiful. Really... I do miss you"


HE DID TALKED! CHEOL-SOO FINALLY COULD TALKED! I was about to swim on my tears during this scene *sob*

Then, Cheol Soo read the book (which was given before) for Soon-Eee. That book was about the snowman's story. He read that fairy tale for her till Soon-Eee fell asleep.  

"You do not need to wait for me anymore, Cheol Soo"

The next morning, everything came back to normal and reality should be faced. Soon-Eee and her grandchild was going to back to their current house. The phone was ringing, from the one that was going to buy that old house.

Soon-Eee picked up the phone and answered directly. "I'm not going to sell that house anymore. Sorry. Bye" . And her granchild could only show the confused expression. 

Their story ended, yet not die.


Don't ask how much i've shed the tears. Don't.

Yet, fabulously, after 47 years, Cheol Soo didn't change at all!  How adorable :") Oh werewolf, if we were you :")

It might be seriously difficult to wait for that long *sob* I'd create a poem based on Cheol Soo's point of view. I.......... don't promise. Wkwkwk. I'll try if i have a chance and mood (again and again) :p

Then, Ja ne, minna-sang!

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