Rabu, 17 Juli 2013

What i've read

1. Beelzebub
I've explained it in my previous posting ~

 2. Oh dear, only you don't know
This is manhwa. Story about 'behind the scene of women'. Hilarious enogh, for me. They have their own secrets to keep. Those are 6 women - if i'm not mistaken. A simple life, a simple effort, and a simple hope. Ah sorry to say, I forgot each their names  hehe :p 

First woman. She has a wonderful kind husband. They're such an ordinary couple with a peaceful and lovable life. Well, at least, that's what her husband and neighbors think. She is a super-ultra-cute housewife after all....... Nah. Kidding. She is just a waste of being housewife. A hopeless wife. Then, what is she good at? Wrestling, i guess. And another things that related to. She is a leader of a gangster. Seems like yakuza. Perhaps. Yeah watawwww \m/At home, she pretend to be a charming wife who has a pet shop and do such a girly stuffs - that could never be done by herself yet her underlings. This one is my favorite character 

Second woman. A woman who works at bar, ah i don't know what kind of job exactly she take. In simply, she sells some alcohol, listen to what customer says, also has a beautiful face and a ton of fans (include the customers absolutely). Yeah, like that. Oh she is the boss ya, not an ordinary host. I stil didn't know what the secret that she has, yet the author claimed that she hide her past. That's it. I knew it from the title, by the way.

Third woman. The woman with purple hair. Her ability is an awesome skill of makeover somebody's face. With makeup. Relax. No surgery here :p Include makeover herself too. Look at her picture carefully. Beautiful? Yeah not bad. What is she scared the most then? Makeup cleanser #jengjeng. Why?! There's a disaster behind it. What do i mean? Her plain face is disaster. Case closed.

Fourth woman. The blonde hair girl. Middle school girl. She is tall and absolutely pretty. What is she hiding? Her age. From who? The middle-aged man whom she love. Tetot. Oh yeah, that young girl fell in love with a 30 years old man. Ha ha ha ha. She try her best to flirt him. Oh girl nowadays...

Fifth woman. Best friend of fourth woman. Looks like a nerd with glasses. She hides her favourite hobby from others - absolutely boys - because she (and other girls) think that it is kind of embarassing for a girl to have a hobby like hers. What is it? Reading a manga................... Oh man, come on -_- I don't know why this author put a blame so deep on every otaku around the world. What the heck is their mistakes? :"| Aren't you also an otaku, hey author? Maybe, the disgusting part of her is her expression when she read the comics. Yeah, a shoujo comic, i bet. A lovely dovey one. Ha ha ha we all know what it would be like -_-

Sixth woman. An employee in first woman's pet shop. She is normal enough. Yet, when something or someone goes against the rules or norm, she'll scold anybody with a loud voice straightforwardly, bluntly, and etc. Not everyone could deal with someone like this, so that's why she got fired in her previous job and was approved in the first woman's pet shop.

3. Delinquent Lesson
I kinda love it. Hem. A model student who fall in love with a delinquent (No. I mean not a model that take some photo session or some kind like that. What i mean is the nerdy one that always get a first rank in every test result). Quite funny. Yet, their love story isn't that easy to create. Why? Hm.. Secret hahaha.

4. Horimiya
An ordinary love story between a guy and a girl. That's the end #krik. No the truth is, both of them have a totally different image between the 'they' when in school and the 'they' in outside. You don't get it? It's okay.

The image of that man in school : The nerdy with glasses (i don't know why we usually assume that those glasses men are nerdy). The introvert. Not cool enough. Gloomy.

The real image : punk, i guess. haha nope, that's a joke. yet, he did some piercing, that makes him look like punk. He only did it because he felt lonely. Introvert? Oh a lilbit. Yet, he is interesting. He has sooo many tattoos. Yeah. Punk \m/. When hie tied up his hair, wohoooo all girls are screaming ~ not because of scared yet mesmerized. ab-so-lu-te-ly. 

The image of the girl in school : the modest one with makeup. beautiful. oh yeah perfecto.
The real image : plain face is her favourite. busy to take care of his younger brother and all the things in house because her parents is going somewhere - come in and out as they like. 

Then they met, and share their true self. Getting closer. And in love. That's it. By the way, the man is so slow in this case. Innocent. Seems like. 

5. La Corda D'Oro
Such an old manga. It's all about music. I don't really like the plot that the main girl has so many men that love her. Fuh. It's just unfair. Come on. Oh come on. The ending is not as spectacular as i expected. Overall, the story is good.

6. Life is Short, Youngster Delinquent, Love!
I love all about the delinquent! Hahahaha. Oh i'm drunk. It is about the delinquent that have to fall in love with a girl just in case to save his life. What? Mmm.... this story begins with a suspicious old man that suddenly came to him and told that he is going to die. The shadow of death are coming closer to him. In order to safe his life, he must date a girl named ........ i forgot :p So many 'why' that i have in mind when i read this, and haven't been answered haha. Yeah, the manga isn't over yet. Interesting enough to read.

7. Tomodachi to koi no Mannaka
Another romantic story about love in childhood. Perhaps.

Nah. That's all for the manga (and manhwa) that i've read lately.
Any suggestions to read? Ah but please, not the one that already has many chapters hehe.

Happy reading, happy holiday, happy fasting! cheers! *pegang mangkuk penuh sop buah*

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