Jumat, 26 Juli 2013

It surely pisses me off

I was reading manga online like i've used to in some previous days. Searching for some mangas with random keyword. Oh not really random for today because my senior has suggested some mangas. While i was in my way to search one of those mangas, i accidentally found this : You and The Secret Flower Garden (Kimi to Himitsu no Hanazono). From the cover, i could tell in instant that i've read that manga. Really good manga. That's one-shot manga. yeah, i THOUGHT that was. Then i clicked the link to that manga, then here what i've got  :

That is exactly the manga that i meant at the first, yet... WHAT ON EARTH IS WITH THE VOLUME? VOLUME THREE???! SO, THAT ISN'T THE ONESHOT MANGA?!!! What does that mean then? My whole life is a lie, huh?

Oh god. I dont know whether i have to glad or upset. This manga's story is just really - truly - super good. Ah for me. Entertaining as well. I always think that "It must be great if this manga becomes the series, not oneshot". Actually i could tell now that my dream does come true, rite?......... Yet it still pisses me off. 

Really pisses me off.

To think of the fact that the manga that i have is like this....


the japan version

Did you find any numbers like '1' or 'volume one' in that cover which shows that the manga have other series? No? ABSOLUTELY NO!

That is the part that i hate. Why on earth the author didnt put any sign like 'volume 1' or any other things in the first manga. Ah.. If only i had known before, i could've wait till the next come up and collect the manga *sob*

It's been three years. Yeah three years. It'd be hard to search this manga now T_T Ah, it suddenly reminds me of my failure that couldn't reach "Ah dear banchou 5" T___T

That's all for the mumbling.

Here i have a message for you, Mikase Hayashi :

"I hate you"

What a lovely message huh :")

P.S. Here i am. Such a simple human being who loves to spend spare time on reading manga. Not like someone (or some people) whom i adore - spending times on reading such a great book with a lot of inspiring quotes i guess. Yeah, i couldn't deny that we could grow up by what we read today. That might be is the reason why i didn't grow up much and just stuck in the line hahaha the manga line :p I do love manga by the way. On contrary, i need to read other books that could expand my knowledge, not like manga that only lead me to a love (bullshit) stories . Yet, One of the speakers in YOT Conference told that "I didn't really like to choose. If i could get two, why should I pick only one?". That sounds so greedy actually. Then i think, "Oh i could do that too". I could pick those two; manga and the inspiring book. Well, i've just started to like  those kind of book, because well... i need to grow up too, feed my mind with the wider point of view. Then if sometimes i get a little tired, i'll refresh it up with mangas. What a great idea, hum? ;) What? Too late? Too late to make a move? There's no such that words in the dictionary of those who want to be better. Hu-ha!

I promise you, i'll create some reviews of awesome books that i read later. Yeah, even though it could take 100 years from now on maybe..... #slapped Not to forget, i'd still write any random post about manga, absolutely hehe

Then see you :)

Btw, i do apologize if my grammar looks like a disaster. Sorry. I'm still a learner, after all *wink*

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