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Halo, so in simply i could tell that a few days ago i got a bad luck there when i looked for a refreshing manga. What i got is not a refreshing at all, yet the gloomy manga one called sekai no hate or the end of the world. Hm. The description told that its genre are drama, psychological, romance, school life, and shoujo. Well, after i finished till its last chapter, i conclude that the psychological genre is the most dominant of others. That's why it is suck. Honestly, it is not that bad, because somehow it seems does have a special secret story, i mean the plot of story is not somethin that could be easily guessed. Hell yeah, however i'm not in a good mood to read that kind of manga.  Then i tweeted it - just like any other labiles do.

In short, after i tweeted about my bad luck of reading such a gloomy manga, my friend suggested me to read beelzebub. Then, here we go! Welcome to the demon's era~

Well, just ignore those disgusting pinky background, the (damn) shining bubbles, and that green hair. 
Overall, the baby is cute, rite? :3

This what we call "semangat 45" expression, perhaps?

No. The demon is not that man with a manly gaze, yet the baby itself.

Such a guilty that i've just known about this awesome (or silly) manga now. It was already there since 2009 *sob* Fool you, dew.

I'll introduce you then. This manga is telling about mmmmmmmm..... well, about the demon. End. Case closed #slapped


Oke, let's be serious. It's about the baby of lord demon king that searching for parent. Hm, just to clarify, this baby is somehow different with Hatchi - the bee - that searching for his mom. It is more likely that this baby have to search another parent that could raise him instead of his real parent. I don't know why. Furthermore, this baby is the future heir that would destroy the humanity later. Then why on earth is he supposed to be raised by human? Like hell i know. Or maybe i didn't read  the part that explain this. Ups. Hehe :p  

Nah, Oga Tatsumi - the greatest delinquent in ishiyama high school - was honorably chosen to be that baby's father. That baby was mesmerized by the aura of devil that oga has. Maybe. Then, the tough life and a ton of enemies are waiting for oga in future. And bla bla bla bla bla... so on.

The good part is that even though Oga has a talented or first-class criminal aura and skill, also has an evil instinct, he is still a man after all. A wise man, unexpectedly. A manly one too  He taught beel  how to be a real man and help friend (fyi the name of that cutie baby's lord demon king is beelzebub bla bla bla, and it's shortened into just "Baby Beel"). Yeah honestly, i'm not so sure if Oga has a word of 'friend' in his own dictionary, yet his act is enough to show that he values those people around him :""") I love him more and more. Wuhuuu. How if there is any random badass that challenge him to fight? Well, he'll just get them down to death~~~ Cool, huh? Absolutely yeah.

Oh, btw, he'll teach beelzebub not to destroy humanity as well. Hohoho. And i'm really sure that beel will obey what his 'father' says :") The bond between those two is extremely touching. Uuu i'm jealous :"|

What bothers me all along is...... why the hell does the beel have to be naked? Can't even the lord demon king buy him clothes hah??? -_- Oh yeah, they might only have fire ya, not clothes -_-

 Such an energetic exercise there they have

Furuichi, Oga, and beelzebub!

On top of that, this manga is hilarious and full of shit, eh, i mean..... this is totally an awesome stupidity! Ah, joke is a joke after all. And i love all of jokes that its mangaka have!

Okay that's all. Bye! ;)

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