Kamis, 27 Juni 2013


 First gathering. Only 20+ people that came *sob*

 Orde Keramat 2012

 Lee seung gi's event 
(somehow Jokowi reminds me of Lee seung gi. Don't know why)

 3 Air Hostesses


 Another triangle

 Oh, still triangle

 Uh-oh, what happen to the man who wore yellow-brown t-shirt?
Aw. you were caught red-handed, hey iren (read : girl with a light blue veil) :p

 Just a group

 Malam Keramat 2012

2 chinese (the boys) and 3/4 chinese (me) ........nice try dew.

 Beloved air hostesses



 Pre-exam. Praying togetha~

Air hostess quote : Terbanglah bersama kami ~

With Love,


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