Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

Chun Jung Myung (again)

 goodbye solo scene

In Olympus Ad. He acted as a nerd. Still cute :3
As ki hoon in CSS, i guess. such a great grin, eh?

i laugh out loud everytime i look at this.
don't know why.

Hulahop there ~ Bored to see my posting about CJM? Who the hell cares.
Anyway, now he is busy of making a new drama in china. Next drama should be in Indonesia ya, dear husband (CJM) ☺

Ah! Actually why i suddenly post about CJM is because I recently saw someone's tweet and he/she (i forgot the gender) told that somehow CJM is similar with @muhadkly! What the! WHAT-THE!!! Щ(ºДºщ) No! BIG NO!!! Totally different!  CJM IS COOLER!!! AAA! #jeritanfans

That's all for the mumbling. I wanna reply that tweet actually, yet that's an old tweet so i thought it's kinda too late to debate. Huf.

Hem. In his new drama, he has bangs in his hair by the way. A lilbit dissapointed. I still think his best look is when he has no bangs, like the 4th and the last pictures.

Fyi, my fav boy's hair: simple short black hair without bangs. Looks cooler :3

Yet, sometimes, simple short black hair with bangs is good too, like my brother :p ahahaha the point is, SHORT HAIR is the best for man. LONG HAIR is a big no no, dude. (Kenapa jadi curhat? -_-)

Let's end this useless posting.
That's all and thankyou for the attention. Have a nice day, you all! And CJM! :)

P.S. highly hope CJM would change his twitter's name (Jason Chun) someday. Change it back to 'Jung Myung Chun' please :S 'Jason Chun' still sounds a lilbit lame :B

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nizz mengatakan...

woohoo~ I don't know you would be a Korea-related fan and furthermore, CJM's fans :D
berarti udah nonton Running Man yang CJM jadi guest dong? hihi

Dewi mengatakan...

waw long time no see kak! i've watched absolutely! hahah he is too cute there. wait, do we have a same idol here? :D