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The saddest scene of HxH

I already want to post about it since a long time ago actually. Yet I hadn't get the best time to gain the mood. This is a truly sad scene. The author is really great of playing my heart. I even want to shed my tears for such a villain. Geez, Togashi Yoshihiro is really something.

Ah where i should start then... Hem :| Lemme brief you about the story first.

It is the Chimera Ants case. Those group of ants are extremely strong and cruel. They have a king absolutely. And he was the evil. King of evil maybe. He was so heartless. He even killed his mother right after he was born. He had three loyal guards who were absolutely strong. He needs to eat a lot of superior preys to improve his strength. So those loyal guards held a selection to choose the best prey for their king. The hunter association wouldn't let them do what they want of course.

Ah forget it, that's not the main topic here. Lemme continue. One of potential preys named Komugi. She was asked to accompany the king to play a game which she masters. Beforehand the king could defeat all of people who master certain games, so he would do the same with komugi just to had fun. He thought he could win. Unfortunately he was wrong. He couldn't defeat her, she was so special. At first, the king just felt interested in her because her ability of playing a game (i forgot what the game is. seems like a chess maybe but more complicated) Then somehow she became an important person for him. Awww. Next, he had a great war with Netero just to keep Komugi safe. Netero sacrificed himself, he died. The king also almost died, however his loyal guards came and saved him. He had an amnesia at first and forgot about Komugi. At the end, all of his memories came back. Since he realized that he got a serious poison which could cause death ( i dont even know when exactly he got the toxin. i didnt focus of reading The Chimera Ants part actually hahah Maybe the toxin is caused by Netero :B ), he decided to spend his left time with komugi. OH DAMN! THAT WAS THE SAD PART! HOW COULD? HOW COULD? OH HOW COULD THE VILLAIN TALK SOMETHING SWEET LIKE THAT! NOT SUIT HIM T_T

Nah the next pictures was a moment near their death. Gaaaaaaaaaah. The page was only filled with the bubble talk. Plus black background. These made the scene more dramatic. I couldn't be helped. I cried. Uyeh togashi really know well how to bring the reader to the situation in comic. Damn you.

Then, the king (Meryem) died. Komugi too. The End. #teardrops

I thought this is so touchy scene. I dont care if you don't think so.
What makes me so sad maybe because "oh god! he just started to become a good man. not a heartless anymore. why he died so early TT___TT "

Or maybe because Togashi could draw and create the situation dramatically.
Yeah. Maybe.

That's all.

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