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Aaa now my old love has came back to my world ♡ Hunter x hunter i mean, yea you know. Ew i've recently finished of reading its manga online till its newest chapter! Yuhu! Yeyey yeyey #dance Waiting for the next chapter comes to the surface really drives me crazy anyway. Huf. Then i decided to take a look over some threads in HxH forum discussion. What i never wonder before is i coincidentally met my 'another old love' there. Confuse? I'm pretty sure you won't understand. My previous sentence are totally absurd yeh.

Lemme make it clearer. In one of those threads which i read, there's one comment that reminds me of another cartoon which i loved. What is it? That is YU YU HAKUSHO! Wanna know bout it eh? lemme give you the picture (thanks for google absolutely).

it has the same genre with hunter x hunter. Well some people even often compare the YYH's characters with HxH's. Both are great for me.

After remembering YYH, i suddenly remember the other cartoons which i've watched and loved in the past. I missed those moments a lot! These below are the animes which comes up out of the blue in my mind.

Flame of Recca

Fruit Basket


Trouble Chocolate

Ghost at school

Hikaru no go

The Law of ueki
... and so much more.

I really had a wonderful time in the past TT___TT
However, the anime's palace in this country has already ended. It hurts.
Now they were replaced with drama, music show, and so on. I'm so sick of all of useless romantic dramas around the world hah! (exclude CJM's drama absolutely #smirk)

Geez, what could make all of them back huh? Oh should i change my Facebook's name with "aNim3 gUrLz" again - just like my BELOVED friendster's name? hem. no? absolutely no.

What makes me feel so terribly painful is I FORGOT ALL OF THOSE ANIME'S STORY AAAAAAAAA #cryoutloud #scratchthewall #roll #cryagain I just could remember the main story of them, yet i couldnt remember the details of it. What a dumb :"""""( Wanna watch all of them again! really want to! Bring the anime back! OH FAIRY, LOOK AT HERE! THERE'S A PATHETIC GIRL HERE. GRANT MY WISH PUHLEASE!!!! GAAAAH (۳ ˚Д˚)۳ #beyondcontrol #PLAK

#inhale #exhale

Though i forgot the story, i still remember what i felt whenever i watched them. I was freakin in love with them. Ups. I've made a big mistake here. It is not 'i was', but 'i am', because i still love those animes till now :">

Fyi, i was in elementary school, when i watched Nube. That's a ghost movie, rite? I was really afraid of it for sure. Really. I WAS AFRAID OF THIS CARTOON?! OH COME ON! What a cute kid -_- Now, i'm so curious about its story. What is exactly the thing that make the little me so afraid of? it must be just because i was still too young at that time ya -_- The foolest thing is i'm afraid of it but also addicted to it. Muehehehe (‾⌣‾"٥)


Dear otaku around the world, let's build the formation then control the mass media, esp TV! Fulfill all of the channel with cartoon! Uyeh!!!! Щ(º⌣ºщ)

a lilbit too much. i knew. Just skip it.

hem. that's all for my babble i think. bye ~

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