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Girls day out with DARRT

24 Juli 2011

we have saved our money for holiday or anything else together. Rp 2000 each day. Finally we get a pile of money uyeh (not too much, but enough to have fun ~). Now, this is the show time! We began our journey in IPB first (just want to check out I & tara's university). Next place is up to us. Girls day out yo!

on the way to IPB (at tara's car)

at the dormitory of IPB

at IPB

at the jungle.
unfortunately, the jungle was not opened at that time. so we just could

take some photos here. so damn for those tukang ojek who didnt tell us earlier about this. they told us after we've been already in the jungle (after got the money from us absolutely)
. pakyu -_-

at makaroni panggang

at Death By Chocolate

karaoke time

me and cece. got 96 with the song : Glenn Fredly - Terserah (if i'm not mistaken -_-)

me and ajeng. got 87 with the song : Afgan - Panah Asmara.
And many more...

Finally, we stayed at Ajeng's house for one night.
So much fun in our day and also so much stupid things ♥

DARRT. See you! :)

all photos above are from Ajeng :)

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