Senin, 21 Juni 2010

coba dicoba

wow hell-o there. you can called me "blind of technology" or whatever, but yeah honestly, this is my first time to open this damn blog by my troublesome - old - mobile phone. Umm and my opinion is "oh hell, where are you, my laptop? i miss you so bad -_-"
anyway, we'll get a long holiday, wont we. (okay not too long actually, maybe a week or more) do you have any beautiful plan with your freak friends or maybe with your beloved bf/gf? if yes, yeah how lucky you are! And if no, be patient guys! help your parents by cleaning your house during the holiday is not too bad. wanna try? (smirk) And how about me? huwow maybe i'll give my big hug to my beloved pillow - as usual. Oh yeah whatever you do, you should drink teh botol sosro (?) ups, no advertisement please wi -_-
in conclusion, have a nice holiday all! See you!

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